Cyrena "Cha Cha" 

She started singing as far back as she can remember.  As a child she did what she could to sing at every school function, including graduations and talent shows and her local church choir.  At a young age she remembers listening to her mom sing the songs of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, as she was a back up singer for them many years ago.  The singing bug stayed with Cyrena and she fronted her first cover band Lynx at the young age of 14!   After running a successful karaoke business for 3 years she was seeked out singing at a local bar and then became part of Johnny on the Spot, which in turn became Paradise City..this band dissolved which lead her to audition for Mirage Groove.  Having been with Mirage for 6 years , the band took a hiatus, which lead her to Six Hot Live.  Quickly discovering this circuit was not her cup of tea, but is thankful for the experience she was given.  This versatile singer is the lead vocalist, which gives Mirage Groove that extra bite that most bands lack!  Wonderful stage presence and flexible tone and range is the biggest strength for Mirage Groove!


With over 30 years of musical experience, John has played with some of the best musicians in L.A., Orange, San Diego and more recently the Inland Empire.  Looking back on his career he has played many of the top Rock n Roll band circuits with some of the best bands.  John is a Bass Guitar Player that doesn’t cut any corners, he is precise, in the pocket, and creates excitement with his style and performance.  Mirage Groove is excited to add him as our second bass player and vocalist. 


Thomas is no stranger to the music scene.  Although you can find him most of the time on a golf course, Thomas makes his musical home with Mirage Groove.  His  smooth strumming and wide vocal range, adds flair and style to the stage.  


His love for music began during his freshman year in high school.  By the time his junior year of HS came around, he had learned the basics to a point where he could hold a steady beat and play with other musicians. He held the position for drum set for both the school drum line and the jazz band.   He got to tour southern California and compete in various competitions.  During my senior year, he continued playing at his local church, the drum line and the jazz band. 

After High School, he attended Crafton Hills College and joined the college jazz band. It was there that Ihe developed an affinity for Jazz and many of its sub genres.   He has played shows with Poncho Sanchez, Brenton Wood, Malo, Tierra, The Delphonics, Thee Midnighters, El Chicano, Rocky Padilla, Soto and many others.  Now he has found his "home" with Mirage Groove. 

Bobby "Heat" Caliente

Bobby has been in the music scene longer than most of us combined!  His skillful talent on the keys as well as the harp, is a rare talent not found  often in the field!  His soulful voice sends chills down you spine!  With many years of playing the circuit, Bobby has found his happy home with Mirage Groove.  

         Larry Davis

From sound to lights, Larry does what he can to make your Mirage Groove experience sound quality the top in its field.  Using today's technology, Larry delivers a high quality sound and an eye appealing stage to not only hear, but see!